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  • Joe Hall

Snacks That Don't Attack

Yesterday, we gave you a few of our favorite healthy lunches to pack for work, so today we wanted to share some of our favorite healthy snacks to have on hand at the office for when hunger strikes. For savory cravings, we love olives, hard-boiled eggs, hummus or guacamole with veggies, kale chips, or a handful of your favorite nuts or seeds.

When you need a sweet treat, you can't beat medjool dates stuffed with peanut or almond butter and any other toppings of your choice (nuts, seeds, coconut, a sprinkle of cinnamon or cacao powder, etc). We also love pairing nut butter with apples, bananas or rice cakes--with an optional drizzle of raw honey--for a tasty and healthy treat. Other ideas to indulge your sweet tooth are low-sugar granola or granola bars, trail mix made with dried fruit and nuts, chia seed pudding, or any fresh fruit of your choice.

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