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Socks of Love

Socks of Love is a donation drive for the men, women and children that are under-housed and in need, during the months of February and March each year. During this time, we are asking for various sizes of wool socks to give back to those who need some extra warmth this winter. Jesus washed the feet of His Apostles, and with your help, we can continue His attention to the feet of those who don't have the proper socks to keep their feet warm and healthy. We are so grateful for you loving generosity in participating in Socks of Love.

Hope for the Homeless

During the months of March and April each year, we do a drive for items to provide our homeless brothers and sisters with some basic necessities for life. After collecting items, we place them in a gift bag and the staff members and volunteers hand them out to needy individuals that we encounter as we trek through our daily lives. We call this event Hope for the Homeless in an effort to provide His smiling face and a glimmer of hope to those people who do not have the basic necessities of life

We encourage donations of basic items such as bottled water, hand warmers, hand wipes, protein bars, trail mix packets and other items that may be beneficial. Please reach out to our staff if you need ideas on items to contribute. We also encourage the donation of $5 gift cards to places such as McDonalds, Taco Bell and Wendy's to provide a warm meal. We greatly appreciate your donations and assistance in providing Hope for the Homeless.

Tree of Hope

As part of our annual Christmas tradition, we sponsor a Tree of Hope beginning in September each year. We have tags on a tree in our lobby that you can take with gift suggestions for the men, women and children associated with the clinic, who need to feel hope during the Christmas and Holiday season. We encourage you to take a tag and bring it back with the suggested gift by early December so we can distribute these gifts prior to Christmas as a reminder that God loves us all and sees us even when we are down on our Hope and struggling through the difficulties life brings. We greatly appreciate your participation in the act of giving Hope!

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