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Who We Are


Provide exceptional healthcare with individualized support regardless of socioeconomic status, in a compassionate, Christ centered environment.


St. Luke’s Medical Clinic was established by Dr. Michael Lynch and Patricia Lipinski, FNP, two primary healthcare providers who noticed that many of the patients who walked in the door of their small family practice clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado were in deep financial need.


While these two providers could write off the cost of the patients’ care at their clinic, their patients still had to struggle with paying for outside costs, such as lab tests, x-rays, visits to specialists, surgical procedures and prescriptions. Some of the patients couldn’t even afford food or other basic supplies necessary to health. One day, a 90-year-old woman came in for her appointment and had lost a lot of weight. They asked her if she was eating, and she said yes, three meals a day. So they asked her what she was eating, and she told them that she was living on cat food from the dollar store because she couldn’t afford groceries on top of her life-saving heart medication. Within a matter of days, they started the process of forming St. Luke’s Medical Foundation with the mission of providing financial aid to patients who cannot afford medical care. 


St. Luke's Medical Clinic was created as a foundation for hope. The support that we give to patients does more than just provide financial relief and make medical treatment possible where it might not have been. It also serves as a reminder to these patients that they are not alone and that there is hope-- which, in our experience, is the greatest catalyst to healing. 

Help us make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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