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  • Joe Hall

Food as Medicine

March is National Nutrition Month, so follow along all month long, on our blog and social media, for healthy eating tips and tons of our favorite recipes! We love this quote from Hippocrates, who is known as the father of medicine, because the food that we eat has such a direct and profound impact on our health. Some foods (like fresh fruits and vegetables) act as medicine, bringing healing and nourishment to the body, while others (like sugar and overly processed foods) may act more like "poison" by causing stress and dis-ease in the body. Which do you want to fill up on? .

A great question to pause and ask yourself, when choosing what to eat, is: will this food be healing to my body? Will it act more like medicine or like poison?

If the answer is the latter, ask your body, "What food would feel nourishing right now?" And then listen for its answer. You may hear it as a little voice in your head, see an image or a word in your mind, suddenly smell or taste the food, or simply know the answer in your heart. However your body responds, trust its innate intelligence. It knows what ingredients it needs for its own healing.

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